Reggae Mixtapes

DJ Wade Podcast DJ Wade first appeared on the airwaves bringing sizzling Jamaican music to tepid St. Louis. With a weekly radio show on KWUR 90.3FM, he offered a brave and nuanced collection of reggae, ska, dancehall, rocksteady, dub and roots records. Having toured the US for two years with Isaac Green and the Skalars, DJ Wade amassed an impressive archive of set lists and recordings, DJing clubs in every state as he crawled cross-country.

Recently, a secret box of old tapes was unearthed in his folks' New Jersey garage, and are now available as podcasts. With the growing popularity of vintage Wade and over 500,000 downloads, new episodes are here. In the meantime, fans can get their fix of DJ Wade's more recent twist on reggae with original music from WonderSound JA.


DJ Wade Reggae Mixtapes

NEW! DJ Wade with Queen Majesty - (July 2010)
DJ Wade alongside guest selector Queen Majesty from Deadly Dragon Sound. A wicked selection of women singers and deejays featuring Marcia Griffiths, Althea and Donna, Lady G, Dawn Penn, Tanya Stevens, Lady Saw, Cecile, Shelly Thunder and more selected by NYC's finest, Queen Majesty.   (tracklist)

DJ Wade with Queen Majesty
July 2010

DJ Wade TapeCast with Jase - (January 2010)
Last year, Jase won an ebay auction for 100 reggae cassette tapes from the 1990's. When the tapes arrived we decided to hook up a dual cassette deck to a DJ mixer and make a mix tape of 'mixed tapes' and call it a TapeCast. This is the result. The term "REWIND" takes on a whole new meaning... Mix features Johnny P, Beanie Man, Spragga Benz, General Degree, Lady Saw, Carl Meeks, Tenor Saw and more.   (tracklist)

DJ Wade TapeCast with Jase
January 2010

DJ Wade with Scratch Famous - (March 2009)
DJ Wade alongside guest selector Scratch Famous from Deadly Dragon Sound. Underground 80's Digital dancehall galore! Featuring deep cuts from Clement Irie, Hugh Griffiths, Don Carlos, Wayne Marshall, Everton Blender, Ranking Joe, Pampidoo, Peter Metro, Little Kirk, Black Uhuru and Daddy Freddy. Check for re-releases featured in this podcast also for new music.   (tracklist)

DJ Wade with Scratch Famous
March 2009

DJ Wade with WonderSound JA and Splurt! - (Sept 2008)
Oldies, Digital, and 90's dancehall. DJ Wade, brand new podcast with WonderSound JA and Splurt! Artists making appearances Tony Tuff, Eek a Mouse, Leroy Smart, Half Pint, Yami Bolo, Bounty Killer, Pinchers, Junior Mervin, Courtney Melody and more!   (tracklist)

DJ Wade with WonderSound JA
and Splurt! - Sept 2008

CLASSIC! DJ Wade - Reggae Oldies - (1995)
Classic Reggae, Ska, Rock Steady, Dub and Roots from various artists. Features Desmond Dekker, Ken Boothe Johnny Osbourne, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown, Barrington Levy and more.   (tracklist)

DJ Wade Reggae Oldies
Side A

DJ Wade Reggae Oldies
Side B

DJ Wade Reggae Oldies Artwork

ROCKS A PARTY! DJ Wade mixtape for Jase - (Dec 1995)
A mixtape for Jase (aka dancehall MC Emerald Nutz) put together December of 1995. Lots of great stuff here, the Sick riddim, Kettle Drum riddim, Sleng-Teng and more. Artists making appearances Supercat, Shabba, Buju Banton, Beanie Man, Bounty Killer, Spragga Benz, Determine, Dirtsman, Red Fox, Naturalie, Merciless, Shaggy, Shelly Thunder, Tiger, Michigan and Smiley, Capleton, Tenor Saw, Conroy Smith, Pinchers and more.   (tracklist)

DJ Wade Mixtape for Jase
Dec 1995 Side A

DJ Wade Mixtape for Jase
Dec 1995 Side B

DJ Wade Watch The Sound - (Fall 1995)
DJ Wade's "Watch The Sound" radio show, on the air at KWUR 90.3FM, St Louis Missouri sometime in the fall of 1995. Part A contains the Diseases riddim, the Vampire and lots more dancehall reggae from various artists. Part B features Buju Banton, TK, Terror Fabulous, Lady Saw and more!

DJ Wade Watch The Sound
Fall 1995 Side A

DJ Wade Watch The Sound
Fall 1995 Side B

DJ Wade - Soundboy Sentence - (1995)
Hardcore dancehall reggae with hits from Beanie Man, Bounty Killer, Buju Banton, Lady Saw, Supercat, Terror Fabulous, Spragga Benz, Mad Cobra and more.

DJ Wade SoundBoy Sentence
Side A

DJ Wade SoundBoy Sentence
Side B

DJ Wade SoundBoy Sentence

DJ Wade & Dave Charming - In Combination - (1998)
One of the few times WonderSound Crew selectors DJ Wade and Dave Charming (now Sharmaji) played together and actually recorded it... Lots of Dancehall reggae and rockers.   (tracklist)

WonderSound Crew In Combination
Side A

New Reggae Music

Reggae Got Soul

"Black President (Obama)" featuring Mad White Jamaican & Splurt.